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Faith from Mirror's Edge, and Bayonetta

This is only a small rant, but it bothers me.

Recently, I completed Mirror's Edge. This is a small defence of Faith Connors, the game's protagonist.

Yes, there is Faith-bashing, believe it or not.

Upon completion of the game, I went to check out the fandom. Maybe I wandered into a particularly bad corner of it. I don't know. All I know is, some of the things that people are saying about Faith have me alternately rolling my eyes and headdesking.

- Her boobs are too small! She looks like a man! - Um, what? a) Having smaller breasts does not automatically make a woman look "like a man", and b) why is is such a crime to have a smaller-chested woman as a game heroine?

Now, I do not have issues with big-breasted women in games. Not in the slightest. I also hate the generalisation that all big-breasted women are "sluts" (a term I loathe in the first place - why is it such a crime for a woman to be sexual?) and "demeaning to all other women OMG". However, suddenly, if a women on the other end of the scale pops up, then she's "manly" and "unfeminine".

Personally, I find her body type refreshing. As much as big boobs and fanservice don't bother me, I still find it refreshing, because it is something a little different.

Also, has it not occurred to these people that maybe, just maybe, the game's creators wanted to go for a more realistic approach, given Faith's career/lifestyle choice of being a Runner?

Don't even get me started on the fact that some people also hate her just because she has tattoos (the fact that she has an eye tattoo tends to get people riled up, especially). *headdesk* Yes, because clearly tattoos are EVIL. */sarcasm*

- She doesn't look Asian enough! - Yes, there are seriously people bitching about her ethnicity. You'd think that her name would indicate that she has Asian ancestry, rather than actually being from Asia, but no, apparently not. People with mixed ethnic backgrounds do exist, you know!

I know it's been said before, but honestly, can no female character win?

I won't be surprised in the slightest if the dreaded "Mary Sue" accusations start popping up sometime soon, just as they seem to pop up for every single female character ever.

On a different gaming subject, I'm now seeing Bayonetta-bashing pop up for the titular heroine. Because she's an over-the-top tease (and the creators intended for her to be OTT, and intended for Bayonetta herself to be completely aware of the fact that she's OTT) and she's very sexual at times, of course that means hoardes of people everywhere are screaming "WHORE!!". Oh, and having assorted witch powers means that she's a Sue, appearently. *sigh* Am I the only person who loves Bayonetta as a character?

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