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In Support of Hated Characters

Because for every ten people who hate them, there's four who love them

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Hated Characters
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Have a favorite character who seems to be the bane of the fandom's existence? Feel out of place for liking said character? Sick of people bashing characters for idiotic reasons? Feel like if you read one more fic that bashes, mocks, or twists your favorite character into OOC piles of crap, you'll scream?

You're not alone.

This community is for anyone and everyone who's a fan of a much-hated character, and proud to be. This is a multi-fandom community-anime, TV, books, videogames, you name it!

This community can also be used to show support for characters who are simply mis-portrayed in fanfiction: Strong women being turned into maidens, nice guys being turned into jerks, men being turned into weeping ukes, girls being turned into screeching harpies, etc. Fanfiction, fanart and website links are not only welcome, but encouraged.

1. NO FLAME WARS. It's okay to disagree, and to debate a topic, but please keep in mind that everyone has the right to their opinion. Do NOT encourage others to flame someone else, as tempting as it may be, we're not here to start wars. Also, don't ask me to ban people from this community unless they have TRULY done something wrong.

Even more importantly: we welcome discussion, not arguments. Discussion is civil debate between people who interpret things in different ways but accept that their opinion is not The One True Way. Anything that slides into that territory is arguing and needs to stop ASAP.

2. Keep your posts on-topic. There are several communities for ranting about badfic, and rabidfanssuck for ranting about annoying fanbrats.

3. No linking to instances of bashing or stupidity in people's personal journals. If you want to post a link to a defense essay in someone's personal journal, get their permission first. Also, refrain from naming names in rants about specific bashers or haters, especially if said bashers or haters are ranting in their personal journals. You can quote the irritating parts you feel you need to in order to defend the character being bashed, but if the person has an LJ, don't mention their name or link to the entry.

4. This is NOT a community for whining about how you feel "persecuted", or slamming on others just for simply not liking a favorite character. "I can't see why this person hates Dorothy so much, I think she rocks" is okay, "This person is so stupid for hating Dorothy, Dorothy's better than any character in the show!" is not. It's okay to vent, but keep it within the limits of sanity.

5. If you're going to post obsversations about bashing of a character, be as constructive and on-topic as possible. Explain WHY the bashing bothers you, why you like the character or think they're not as bad as the bashers say. Don't flame the bashers or turn it into a rant on why yaoi fangirls or whatnot are evil and stupid. We already have somewhere to complain about rabid fans, and it is rabidfanssuck.

6. No Wanky Speshul Friend behavior. If the bashing being vented about/dissected/etc happens to belong to your friend, do not tell them. Not only does it invite wank and drama, you may accidentally hurt your friend (some of us prefer to be kept in the dark if people are mad at us for trivial reasons such as fandom!). If you happen to be the writer of a hate speech or the owner of a hate shrine, confront us with grace and maturity. You're free to request that we tone down the vitrol, or explain your reasonings behind the hate. But spare us the "wow you people sure have no lives and take things way too seriously!!" speeches, we're all very aware we're nerds, thank you very much. :P

7. If someone makes a questionable comment to a defense and you can't bring yourself to respond politely, take it to a PM or email session. We're allowed to disagree with each other, but namecalling and persecution complexes will not be tolerated.

8. Criticism of bad writing or poor handling is fine, but your word is not law and people are allowed to enjoy a character or a series regardless. On the flip side, if you enjoy something and someone makes a legit point of criticism against it, that doesn't mean they're bashing and it does not give you a lisence to chew them out.

9. Definition of bashing: Basless hatred of characters, no matter how coherent, accusing them of misdeeds or crimes they never actually committed, trashing for reasons that have nothing to do with characterization. Legitimate criticism of a character is not bashing.

10. This is a character defense community. This is a safe haven for people to talk about their favorite hated characters without fear of getting into an argument with someone who disagrees with them and won't let them have their opinion, so absolutely no coming in just to criticize someone's post or toss out the exact same arguments they were protesting against or deliver a "they're fictional characters, get over it" speech. Especially if you are not a member of this community and have no interest in becoming one.

11. We're not here to make people feel bad about not liking characters, so don't feel bad if you're a member here and happen to not care for Ninian/Miaka/Orihime/Aang/Shinji/Relena/whoever. Everything expressed here is the opinion of the posters and commentators, not an attempt to shame people into liking characters or changing their minds. (If you happen to change your mind on your own, that's cool.)

I expect you to obey these rules. Slip-ups aren't a criminal offense, but if I notice a trend in concious rulebreaking there will be trouble.

Here is an example of what not to do.

Your moderators are akai_senshi and rezo_eris.

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