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30 September 2007 @ 10:08 am
More rants from me  
Yes this time Im going to rants about various hated characters that I love and I'm going to defend against bashing or these characters as usual.

Yamcha and Chichi of Dragonball

Those too don't get much rep because most people believe Bulma's side of hers and Yamcha's break up story and that Chichi is a "Cruel Hearted Bitch" just because Gohan dosen't do his studying.

Some of them make that sh!t up about Chichi so they can get Goku and Vegeta to do "Hawt Saiyan Buttsecks".
Others just make it in humour fanfictions.

Chichi is only that "bitchy" because she's worried about her kids and dosen't want to lose them, she dosen't want to lose her husband either, yes you heard me, Chichi actually loves Goku, she dose not treat him like shit, if she hated him so much she would have never cooked him food, she would have refused his help when they first met and she would have never married.

Do you call being worried to the point of anger "bitchy"? That's not "bitchy", doing drugs, killing people and partying hard is "bitchy" not that.

Now on to Yamcha.

People hate him because he's that "user cheating freak" from the BulmaxVegeta fanfics.

He not a user or a cheater, he is too busy training or being a bandit, to even party of take drugs or even have SEX FOR THE MATTER!!!!!

You shouldn't always believe Trunks, he was only told Bulma's side of the story because Yamcha was dead and unable to tell him his side.

Yamcha might have not cheated on Bulma. she might have just simply fallen for Vegeta.

Also I beleive Yamcha was still terrified of women, in the Red Ribbon Army saga, the theif Hasky was making an advantage on him, but he was paniking and screaming his head off.

He's very shy when it comes to women and Bulma was only thinking about that because Yamcha had many fangirls and they were JUST fangirls nothing more.

There also happened to be some bashing of Goku in Vegeta fanfics.

Goku isn't a dumb broad, he's an all around nice guy, he is actually quite intellegent.

He gives the bad guys second chances, even though most of them blow it and wind up dead.

If he were that stupid he would have just killed everyone, Yamcha, Tien, Kuririn, Cell, Frieza the works!!!

and he wouldn't reincarnate Buu with the dragonballs either, and he wouldn't even have a single girlfriend!!!.

Goku actually won over Yamcha, Kuririn, Tien and Chiaotzu and later, Piccolo and Vegeta with his kindness and warmth.

Goku cares for his friends, his kids and Chichi and his family, and you have the nerve to call him a dumb broad.

Then, again Goku isn't really a hated character, he's adored in Japan and is the 2nd most popular character in the US.

Anzu Mazaki, Miho Nosaka and Hiroto Honda from Yugioh

They are hated simply because they don't duel and Anzu gets in the way of Yami and Yuugi's "Twin Buttsecks".

Just because they don't duel dosen't mean they're useless, they don't have Yamis or a Billion Dollar Comapny instantly mean that they suck as characters.

Then why do they hang around Yuugi and give him so much support when he duels bad guys.
Anzu actually gave Atemu the cartouche to wrie his name in, not Yuugi or Kaiba. if it weren't for her Atemu would be called "Yami Yuugi" forever.

and in DM, Anzu shed a tear to revive Jounouchi, during the duel with Bakura.

and Honda got Mokuba's body during Duellist Kingdom and  saved Jou and Anzu in the manga version of Death-T.

and in Series 1/0 Miho was a friend of the gang and eneded up saving their hides during that Tazer game during Death T.

See? They are usueful to Yuugi as Jounouchi is.

Yakumo from Shinzo/Mushrambo

Why do people hate Yakumo so much, she was the main character, ans is a very sweet kind young lady.
She'd do anything for her friends, and even ended up dying in the end and was given a furneral.

Maria: Bitch PLEASE!dropsofgleam on September 29th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
I adore Chichi against all odds, and I feel that if I was a mother I'd be just as overprotective as she is. ^^ And well, yeah; Yamcha doesn't deserve half the shit fandom throws at him. I've always had my doubts on how reliable Bulma's PoV of her definitive break-up with him was, love Bulma though I do.

And both Yamuko and Anzu kick ass. I'm an Anzu fan who adores Yuugi-based slash (specially Yuugi/Yami and Yuugi/Jounouchi), so the bashing of her makes me sad. T-T
meghsta on September 29th, 2007 11:49 pm (UTC)
How... the heck... can people call Yamcha a user? o_O That's a new one on me....
broken_angel99: time warpbroken_angel99 on September 30th, 2007 08:30 am (UTC)
Oh my God, the fandom misconception of Yamcha is so irritating. Never did it say in canon that he cheated on Bulma, or was a man-whore. People break up for reasons other than cheating, you know.
gothsnob on October 3rd, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC)
thank you!
I'm glad there's someone out there who like Yamcha, too! I agree, I think he's got to be the most misunderstood character in anime; he definitely doesn't deserve the all flack he gets!

Though I really don't care for Chi Chi (no offense), I thought it was cool she was Goten's first martial arts teacher :)