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16 February 2011 @ 04:53 pm
The Abused and Mistreated - A Fllay Allster Defense Essay  

Fllay Allster
the abused and mistreated

The Character

For those who don’t know who this lovely lady is she is a character from the series Gundam Seed. Fllay was the daughter of the Atlantic Federation’s Vice Minister and a student at Heliopolis Technical College. She is fifteen years old and before the war was presented as a carefree and happy go lucky princess. This changes though after the attack on Heliopolis as she shows a much more fiery and vindictive personality and is also revealed in the beginning of the series that she has a distrust for coordinators.


So what’s the point?
Well Fllay is by far one of the most hated characters in Gundam Seed [Only a few I’ve noticed parallel with her or have more of a anti-fan base], and I would like to disprove many and hopefully all of the “straw men” that are held against her. Truthfully this is/was a hard thing to accomplish since most of her anti-fans never explain their points they just point fingers accusingly. So I’ve tried my best to give their point of views thoroughly enough to be able to refute them. Oh, and yes I know it's been done but I want to give more detail and insight than the ones I've found on the internet

Accusation #1
Fllay is a selfish bitch that didn’t care for anyone other than herself.

This was definitely one of the main points I wanted to get out of the way immediately. Fllay is selfish but not a bitch, and in fact she does care for other people. Fllay is like any human being, selfish. Everyone is selfish at some point in their life so why does it matter if a fictional character is? This also brings up another interesting point about everyone [fans, and the characters they love or hate], and that is the Idiom of “It’s every man for themselves”. If you’re unsure of what this means then here is a quick briefing, everyone has to fight for their own individual survival. That is something people have done for years, and is far beyond a “new concept”. Fllay’s selfishness is in every sense this idiom [when not adding in her need for revenge]. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game usually if you’re in the center of a war or military base. So what else is a fifteen year old to do other then do whatever it takes to survive? Yeah it is selfish but let us be blunt. If it’s a choice between life or death you’re more inclined to do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive. Therefore, selfishness isn’t really a matter you can make out to be a horrible thing.

Fllay is not a bitch. She’s a mentally disturbed fifteen year old. She can be a bitch, but that doesn’t make her a bitch. So let’s please try and take this into consideration. I’m pretty sure everyone’s a bitch at some point but being a mentally disturbed little girl because you watched your father die practically right in front of you is no reason to have the title of bitch plastered to your forehead. Just about every character has been bitchy in this series quite frankly so I see no reason to make her hold the title of queen bitch. Yes, even Lacus was a bitch in the series [when she fought with Athrun in episode 36. There is a hint of accusation and jaded negativity in her voice which I know I do when I get bitchy, and that’s on a good day mind you, haha].

As for Fllay not caring about anyone this is completely way off the mark, and I suggest you watch the series again. Fllay cares for multiple people such as her Father, Sai, Miriallia, Natarle, Rau, and of course, Kira. Granted those are just a couple off the top of my head but I find that’s more than enough examples. These are a few of the people she interacted with the most, and held obvious [different] relationships with. Such distinct scenes of her caring for some of these people are. . .

Episode 19 – Fangs of the Enemy – Sai desperately tries to pilot the Strike only to fail and cry his eyes out wondering why it is that Kira can but he can’t. Fllay vexed and upset about the situation runs away from the site crying while commenting how stupid he is.

It may seem like a weird scene to be using as an example for some but this does show that she really cares for Sai. She doesn’t want him doing something like that, and it upsets her to the point she can’t stand there any longer. Sai is important to her after all, and she was with him and meant to marry the boy.

Episode 49 – The Final Light – When Fllay is attacked by Muruta he is quickly apprehended by Natarle who orders the crew to evacuate the Dominion. Fllay hesitates to leave but soon after receives a smile and nod from Natarle that it’s okay to go on without her.

I feel this really shows how close those two have gotten. Not only did Fllay actually confide her feelings to Natarle but Natarle never really smiles all that much in the entire series and does so before she just simply nods to Fllay that it’s okay for her to leave her side. Fllay’s hesitation is an obvious want to stay with her and small showing of how she cares for Natarle.

Those are just two examples and I could easily throw in the obvious KiraFure [Kira x Fllay abbreviation] scenes but this is about Fllay and not the pairing so I’ll leave those out.

Accusation # 2
Fllay is annoying and useless. All she did was keep Kira to herself.

Any character being “annoying” is such an overused argument, and of course, they never explain what is so annoying about the said character that they attach the word to, but for argument sake I’ll at least say this. There isn’t much she did that I found annoying since she sought out and semi-conquered what she wanted, progressed and matured as a character, and she helped the story move forward. I would like to have more to say but since the Anti-Fllay fans have never provided an explanation this is all I can really put. If you have found an explanation for this please send me it so I can add to this.

 As for being useless this is another common and overused argument. Any character someone dislikes is always useless, and the core fact is Fllay is very essential and necessary to this series. Fllay’s vengeance helped the story move into the direction we’ve all come to deal with. Some things to think about. . .

If Fllay wasn’t in the series all of you Kiraraku [Kira x Lacus] fans wouldn’t have your scene where Kira takes Lacus back to her room with her food. You also wouldn’t have the scene where Kira is balling his eyes out like a little bitch and Lacus miraculously finds him. You also probably wouldn’t have Kira being fatally injured and being [again] miraculously found and taken care of by the Clynes.

There is also the Dearka x Miriallia fans who should think about the fact that had Fllay not been in the series she would have never stated her deep seeded hatred of coordinators and beliefs that they should be eradicated causing Miriallia to become composed and save Dearka instead of possibly killing him herself.

There is also the fact that without Fllay there would be no transport of the disk containing the specs to the N-Jammer Canceller technology. Where do you think the Earth Alliance was going to get this shit? Out of thin air? Not so likely. Let’s not forget she also warned the Archangel of the incoming attack from the Dominion ordered by Muruta. I’m pretty sure a surprise attack with no warning would do some pretty hefty damage.

There is also the fact had Fllay not been around she never would of gotten the rest of the gang, and Kira to enlist in the military. Hence, there being no series. These are just a few of her importances that fans seem to really overlook and should probably think about.

On to the last part of this accusation though, uh I’ll hit this with Accusation # 10 since it goes so well with it in my opinion.

Accusation # 3
Fllay was such a child and should have behaved like more of an adult when told to take Lacus her food.

I don’t really have much to say other then she is a child. She’s fifteen people. Not eighteen, not twenty-one. Fifteen. This is pretty hypocritical I’m sure for most of the fans that say this since I’m pretty sure we can all look back to when we were fifteen or sixteen and agree we did some pretty childish shit such as “Not want to be near” whoever it was you hated right that minute.

Accusation # 4
Fllay was meant to be hated so that the other characters looked good.

Uh what? If your character can’t look good without you hating on another character exactly just how “good” is your character? Not very. This is a completely illogical point that just blows my mind, but it can’t be helped. I think the characters themselves would be pretty pissed or at least annoyed that they’d need another character to make them look better in the eyes of the fans who watch the series.

Accusation # 5
Fllay is such a skank/slut/whore.

This is probably the most annoying of all the accusations by far. Sleeping with one person doesn’t make you a slut, a whore, or a skank. According to a survey done by ABC News the average American has sex with thirteen different partners by the end of their lifetime [The National Center of Health Statistics of the U.S. government also said that only 9% of women have had sex with fifteen or more partners for their lifetime]. So that means that if I go by your standards of sleeping with one person I am a slut for already being with four partners. That also means the average American is a slut, and whore as well. Congrats, that means the fans who say this are more than likely sluts, and whores since I’m sure a good majority of them are average Americans. Now before someone starts screaming about the fact that anime is Japanese, and how I shouldn’t be using American statistics for it I’ve got those too. According to JapanVisitor.com the Japanese have an average of 10.2 partners.  Looks like the Japanese are a bunch of sluts too for having more than zero partners [I’d like to comment to that Japan holds the record for lowest frequency of sex, which is 37 times per year].

Fllay has only ever slept with Kira. There are no insinuations that she has slept with anyone else, and I’m pretty sure that if Bandai wanted her to sleep with someone else they wouldn’t pussy foot around with it just as they didn’t with Kira and Fllay.

This accusation is pointless regardless because the fact is anyone someone doesn’t like if they are a girl is always a slut, or a whore.

Accusation # 5
Fllay raped Kira! Lacus should have been Kira’s first time.

-Sigh- The sex was consensual. In fact the boy was on top of Fllay. He had every option to get up and leave but gladly had sex with the girl. Below are screenshots of the Gundam Seed Special Movie: The Empty Battlefield, in which it shows Kira and Fllay’s sex scene.


Also sorry to disappoint those of you who for some reason think Kira and Lacus had sex but they don’t even sleep in the same room of the orphanage and there has been no evidence or hints of such actions and therefore it is not canon.

Accusation # 6
I hate Fllay because she’s in the way of Kira x Lacus.

I really hate this thought process all that goes through my head is “So evidently your character isn’t all they’re cracked up to be if you have to worry about some competition”. It’s really saddening that people hate on a character just because they are “in the way” of your quote unquote OTP that probably changes every year or so, and honestly I don’t even have a defense for this because well you damn well should have been scared had Fllay lived. I really do believe [and this could be the Kirafure fan in me] that Kira wouldn’t just waltz off with Lacus and leave Fllay like that but instead maybe talk things out with her and see where things would go from there especially since they did have a lot to talk about.

Accusation # 7
Fllay went after Kira when she was still engaged to Sai! She’s a two-timing bitch!

Yeah not true. She broke things off with Sai in episode 15 – Respective Solitude. She informs Sai that the arrangement of their marriage was by her father, and since he is no longer around it’s just a verbal agreement and they shouldn’t feel tied down by it. Granted she had kissed Kira by this time but at the same time we’re not even sure exactly how physical Sai and Fllay were. They held each other at one point, and they’ve hugged, but other than those few things, and knowing that her father arranged the marriage we have no clue exactly how deep their into this relationship [I do agree though that Sai did like Fllay, then Fllay liked him as obvious by her ability to break it off for her revenge].


Accusation # 8
Fllay is racist and had no reason to blame coordinators the way she did, especially Kira! It’s not his fault it’s hers.

Actually, I can perfectly see why she would blame coordinators. Coordinators attacked Heliopolis, her home. A good example would be surprisingly the September 11th attacks. Did we not go off to war over the fact these people attacked us? Yes. Did we also see an increase of racism in our nation towards Afghans and Iraqis? Yes we did. It’s nothing new to watch people become fearful, and racist because of something a group of people of a different race have done, especially when they attack your home. As for it’s no reason to blame coordinators. Yeah, you’re right, but it is okay to blame ZAFT though. You know like Athrun, Nicol, Dearka, and Yzak. They were all involved in the attack on Heliopolis, and were involved with the fight against the Archangel and Fllay’s father’s ship. Had they not attacked Fllay’s father wouldn’t have died. Had Athrun not been involved period Kira would have been able to focus and keep that promise of his that he never should have made in the first place. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, especially when it’s something as important as a young girl’s father’s life. When you make promises like that you are bound have them mean more when it’s someone’s life on the line.

How in any way is it exactly Fllay’s fault? It’s not like she could warn her father, nor was she to know that Kira was fighting against his childhood friend. She also had great faith in Kira when she asked him to keep her father safe. Of course, after Fllay’s father has died it’s no wonder she became completely racist and ignorant. Coordinators had stormed into her life and brought the death of her father, the destruction of her home, and a war into her world once, not too long ago, peaceful world. Does that make her racism correct? No, but it at least makes it understandable. People all over the world can become racist when something negative happens to them by a certain race or group of people, which is even more likely when it’s multiple offenses.

Accusation # 9
Fllay’s a spoiled brat!

So is every other rich kid out there who is given everything they want. Let’s also think about the fact that her mother died when she was young leaving only her and her father. Now let’s also think about the fact that her father being a Foreign Minister means that he’s busy as hell so I’m positive he gave his daughter whatever she wanted to keep her happy till they could spend time together. Rich kids are generally, and stereotypically rich. All that shows from you hating her over something like being rich, and spoiled is possible jealousy and it’s half-assed since most of the time if there is a rich spoiled character in anime you absolutely adore the hell out of them because they buy tons of shit in the series and usually all of the characters love them to death [good examples being Sasuke –Naruto, L— Death Note, Tomoyo –Cardcaptor Sakura, Tamaki –Ouran High School, etc.]. 


Accusation # 10
Fllay manipulated and used Kira and I can’t forgive her for that! She’s absolutely horrible. Kira didn’t deserve that from her.

I left this one for last because I tend to get extremely annoyed and vexed about this topic, but am going to try and make the best non-ranting defense I can. Fllay’s manipulation is caused by a promise that should have never been made. As I said in Accusation # 8 there is just some things you shouldn’t promise or attempt to guarantee, and one of them is protecting someone’s life when you are already stressed, confused, and unsure of yourself. When you do that the person you promised it to is going to hold that extremely dear to their heart especially when it’s the last relative they have, and a parent. After not only watching her father die while Kira became distracted by Athrun, and then Fllay finding out that Kira’s friend was on the battlefield period how can you expect her not to think that Kira let the coordinator’s do as they please? The life of your last relative, and especially, your father was just taken. No “rational” thought is going to break through your pain stricken and erratic mind. You’re bound to go crazy. You’ve lost everything you had.

We also want someone to blame when something is ripped from our grasp and as explained in Accusation # 8 it’s extremely easy to blame Kira, and Rau’s team. Fllay’s mentally disturbed mind is wanting nothing but revenge to the one who promised her something and then couldn’t keep it, especially after she feels like he did nothing because he had a friend in ZAFT, who had just destroyed her home. What easier way to kill two birds with one stone then to manipulate Kira and have him destroy the other coordinators?

Fllay pursues her revenge but while doing so she begins to fall for Kira, and her feelings become more to the point that when Kira wants to break things off with her she runs away and cries [Episode 28 – Kira]. She doesn’t want, what she believed Kira was giving her, pity. She wanted no one to feel sorry for her but all at the same time wanted someone there for her, and to understand her pain.

Fllay’s manipulation of Kira shows just how war and the death of your father and/or loved one can make someone mentally unstable, and this is in an extreme case. Something that’s always made me find this accusation the most annoying is the fact that people who throw it around seem to forget that people manipulate each other all the time. This isn’t a new concept. People also have a tendency to want revenge on people who do something to them such as “steal” a boyfriend, rat them out, start a rumor about them, etc. These are much smaller circumstances but usually involves revenge of some sort [or a lot of shit talking if you can’t do anything back], or manipulating someone or a situation. The level of the manipulation and revenge is just on a higher level in Fllay’s case. I’m sure everyone has manipulated someone [whether intentional or not], or gotten revenge on someone [such as a sibling telling on you, and so in turn you get back at them by telling on them for something].  It’s not exactly a new concept as I’ve said.

Fllay didn’t deserve to lose her father, or die, but it happened. Kira, in the end, didn’t really deserve to be manipulated, but it happened. Pointing fingers and debating who had it worse in the war though is pointless since everyone’s situation is unique, and they handle stressful and mental situations in different ways.

In the end, Kira did need Fllay. She was there for him whether she had ill intentions to begin with or not. No one else was, which is why it not only helped move the storyline but helped Kira overcome his loneliness and his need for comfort.

As for Fllay keeping Kira to herself that’s not really true. She let Kira do what he needed to. She kept a close eye on him, but other than that she never told Kira he couldn’t go places, or see people even when she didn’t like the person.

The Closing
In the end I hope this gives you a new look to her character, and helps you to understand her even a little bit better. Do I hope to change your mind? Not really. You’re going to think what you want. I would though like you to see Fllay for what she really is like, and not as her anti-fans have labeled her. She truly is an amazing, complex and misunderstood character in unbelievable proportions. I hope this essay has also shined some light onto the accusations made against her and provided detailed defenses even with what little I had to work with.

Thank You to
flowerangel050  – for the header
rinhail – for beta reading

Questions? Comments?
Comment, send me a pm, or even e-mail me at Tenshi_Kasumi@live.com

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Christy: basara -- keiji & yumekichirinhail on February 17th, 2011 10:32 am (UTC)
Thank goodness! I was so worried I'd forgotten to send you the revised version. I could not remember if I did send it or not. (big sigh)

Some of these reasons are beyond me. In fact, I've only heard of one or two. This is exactly why I try and stay out of fandom wars, they're nothing but a pool of ridiculous shit.

That picture! I gotta watch the movie solely for that scene. :D
Aubrey Buehner: Fllay - Cosplay - Pink Cutetenshi_kasumi on February 19th, 2011 04:28 pm (UTC)
lol Your good babe :) Thanks so much for the help~!

It's a good idea truthfully. It's all abunch of harassment nowadays.

LOL Do et <3
Fiat Lux: kokohikari318 on February 17th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
Nice defense =)
I still don't like her much (her behaviour just rubs me off the wrong way, even if I understand why she's like that), but she doesn't deserve those ridiculous accusations. She's quite an interesting character tbh.
Aubrey Buehner: Kirafure - Cosplay - Waiting for Youtenshi_kasumi on February 19th, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you~
That's cool :) Some personalities just don't mix well and yours, and her's is like that~ No biggy <3 Thanks for reading regardless!

I love her character lol she's pretty facinating
(Deleted comment)
Aubrey Buehner: ❀「cuddling cute」tenshi_kasumi on December 11th, 2011 09:36 am (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply, and I'm glad you think I did a good job explaining it ^ ^ Definitely do link it <3 I'd be more then thrilled~
Julieragnarok_08 on July 21st, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
You did a great job explaining these many reasons :D
Aubrey Buehner: ❀「motherly glow」tenshi_kasumi on December 11th, 2011 09:37 am (UTC)
Sorry for the lateness of my reply~ Thank you <3
night_owl_9: dreams of a prophetic naturenight_owl_9 on July 21st, 2011 10:10 pm (UTC)
You did a wonderful job explaining the reasons - I do think that many of the reasons have been overused too often about Fllay, and really about hated characters in general. I don't hate Fllay at all - at first I just wondered why she did what she did, and your insight helped me realize this.

Thank you for sharing!
Aubrey Buehner: ❀「the cutest look」tenshi_kasumi on December 11th, 2011 09:38 am (UTC)
I'm glad I could provide some insight, and happy to know I've explained things well :)

Sorry for the late reply >-<;;
kkornelia on September 20th, 2011 12:00 pm (UTC)
I still love Fllay and her character no matter what others say <3
Aubrey Buehner: ❀「exotic red」tenshi_kasumi on December 11th, 2011 09:38 am (UTC)
Same here. No matter what some hater says Fllay will always be wonderful, magnificant, and just plain amazing to me.
Lilywhitelilies22 on November 23rd, 2011 12:39 am (UTC)
I've been away from lj for awhile now and it's nice to come back and see a Fllay defence. You've brought up points I hadn't thought of but the parallel of Sept. 11th attacks and the attack on Heliopolis hits the nail on the head.

Nicely written - to be honest, the reason I started liking Fllay was after I read a defence of her character many years ago. Hopefully others who are neutral or dislike her will read this and get a better understanding of her.
Aubrey Buehner: ❀「Shine」tenshi_kasumi on December 11th, 2011 09:40 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for my late reply I've been away from lj too sadly. I'm glad I could bring up some new points :)

I hope they honestly do. All these things needed to be said. They really did. The hate on her is just ignorant half the time and usually has nothing backing it up other then to usually make another character look better.

Thank you for reading :)
Elisa Villarreal on July 14th, 2012 03:23 pm (UTC)
Awesome, just plain awesome! I completely agree. In fact, she was the most human character in the whole show. She grew and changed, she was completely relatable I've had my sports of selfishness and jealousy, but that's just it, Human! I posted this on a youtube video:

" I really do like Flay, she was a very relatable character. Out of all characters she displayed a very human personality, people do some crazy stuff when they are in love, shock, grief stricken, or whatever emotion we can fathom. I am sure anyone would do some questionable things when dealing with overpowering feelings. Not saying what she did was right, by NO MEANS, BUT highly understandable. I think ifFlay had lived Kira and her would still be together. Sorry Lacus, she was first everything!"

personally, I feel Lacus is just too one sided and simple, where as Flay is just so diverse!! Lol if not for Flat urging Kira all the time he probably would have dropped out of the war. She was suuuper important to the plot. -sigh-
Cynthia Ahmar: Finder - Snowsubaru_san on August 7th, 2012 06:37 pm (UTC)
I'm of the opinion that Kira didn't realize Fllay had been manipulating him when he dumped her. He can be kinda naive, pretty much every character in the show even thinks so at least once (and says it aloud in the case of Cagalli and Athrun), but there's a certain sweetness about him that makes it so that he likely never fell in love with Fllay, but rather felt sorry for someone who acted so dependent all the time. As mentioned before, Fllay was also the only one who offered him comfort when he needed it, so their relationship was very clingy. Because they were both so needy and dependent on each other at the time, the relationship was not healthy and probably never was about love. I'm sure even Fllay eventually realized she never really loved Kira, but merely cared about him. This is more than likely what she wanted to apologize to him about, near the end, the whole having manipulated him and put him in a situation where he was in a very unhealthy relationship.

Kira and Lacus, you'll note, clicked right from the start. Sure she was engaged to Athrun, but neither of them were taking it very seriously at all. You might indeed say that Lacus is simple, but that is part of her charm, and Kira is also a simple person, so they really get each other. To people like Athrun, someone like Lacus seems a bit slow (he even comments on it in Suit CD 3), and if you compare their first meeting to his first meeting with Cagalli, he already seemed much more stimulated and interested with Cagalli than he ever did with Lacus. Heck, in Suit CD 3, at one point he even thinks to himself, during their "date", that he wants to go home. You can be sure that the flowers are only a formality, ie Athrun being a gentleman. Kira is more genuine and straightforward, Athrun is more careful and diplomatic.
Cynthia Ahmar: Gundam Seed - Kidssubaru_san on August 7th, 2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
I think it's fine to, to some extent, try to defend a character that you like (I hesitate to use the word love with a character like Fllay. However, you're not really helping your case by calling characters like Kira and Lacus "bitches". Just saying... Also, while you should defend a character you like, you shouldn't overlook the bad she's done and excuse it. Rather, you should say: she did these bad things, and she might have felt justified at the time, but when she realized she wasn't later on, she redeemed herself. Just to give one example: yes, Fllay was emotionally disturbed by her father's death, and yes, I can feel sorry for her for that. But no, it's not acceptable that she blamed Kira for it, because no matter how important her father may be to her, Kira obviously can't do twenty things at once. More than that though, it's not at all acceptable that she chose to manipulate Kira in the aftermath of all that, especially since a normal person would understand how difficult it is to be put in the situation of having to fight one of your friends. Unlike Fllay, however, I don't believe that the way Kira fought, for example in the desert, was to protect her especially. Rather, his skills were improving as the situations got more difficult, and Kira cared about all of his friends and even the rest of the Archangel crew.
jlkcam347 on October 8th, 2012 02:17 pm (UTC)
Wow. You have really wise comments! I wish you would write more about your opinions especially on Kira and Lacus and Athrun. I feel sad that Athrun thought Lacus so uninteresting, he wanted to go home. I do wonder, how come he said in the Eternal that "He was such a fool" for losing Lacus? I'm happy for Athrun but I really hoped he found Lacus as a most wonderful person. Anyways. Thanks so much for your input on GS! God Bless!
Cynthia Ahmar: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - Rekkasubaru_san on October 9th, 2012 04:22 am (UTC)
I usually have more to say when it's in response to someone else or to a question I'm asking myself in my head. Otherwise I don't tend to ponder these things too much. So if we start a discussion, I'll probably have some things to say. I especially disagree with the general view that people hold of Kira = Jesus.

To give my input, I don't believe Athrun thought he was a fool because he lost Lacus. Rather, in my opinion, it's probably either: a) he let himself be manipulated by his father for so long that he didn't think for himself, or b) he didn't officially break things off with Lacus sooner (and maybe even wasn't honest with himself, or didn't realize, about his feelings for Cagalli). In the episode where Athrun is visiting Lacus and they're talking about Kira, Athrun has little to no reaction to her saying she likes Kira. This leads me to believe he never had any feelings for her beyond the usual admiration for her kind personality that everyone who meets her feels. Also, to Athrun, Lacus had probably become someone he felt he could trust with anything, more a friend than anything else.

And I guess it's not so much that Athrun thought Lacus was uninteresting as that he thought her to be a bit slow. I'm guessing Athrun is someone who needs a mentally stimulating partner, and while Lacus is not stupid, she is quite simple. She and Kira share that trait and, if you'll recall, that was one of the things that also frustrated Athrun about Kira when they were younger.
John Abela on November 26th, 2014 03:27 am (UTC)
*coughs* *coughs*

"As for Fllay keeping Kira to herself that’s not really true. She let Kira do what he needed to. She kept a close eye on him, but other than that she never told Kira he couldn’t go places, or see people even when she didn’t like the person."

Are you really sure with that one? Cagali and Kira on the outside deck of the ship having a cozy conversation under a feverish and warm sunlight, then quasi-omnipresent Flay caught a glimpse of it, proceeded to INTENTIONALLY TOOK OUT SOME OF HER CLOTHES as an attempt to seduce, and immediately clanged to Kira like there's no tomorrow?

You could not possibly deny the fact that Flay has a possessive side where it was very crucial and necessary that she control Kira's course of action and mentality, to some extent. Flay felt threatened that if Kira somehow managed to find another love interest (with Cagali), while it is unsure whether this would produce a major impact on his relationship with Flay, it is obvious that Flay thought Kira's attention span towards her would diminish, resulting to a weaker maneuverism of Kira which Flay wouldn't want to compromise.


The above statements were only formulated and assumed in the context that what I have only read is the quoted passage from your post. Actually, I agree on most of what the post is trying to argue for, same as the premises that needs to be refuted or put into a better understanding.