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What a wonderful journal! I just joined; I love the idea of a place to stick up for characters who are sometimes treated unfairly. Here is my list of supportees:

Serpentor (from GI Joe): I admit it. I am a huge Cobra Commander fan, and I used to blindly accept that hating Serpentor came with the territory. One day, I was writing an essay on characters from eighties cartoons, and I was forced to think about him. I thought about his origins as a genetic weapon/soldier, about his rivalry with the Commander, about his overly-straight-faced attitude, and came to the startling realization there was a lot to like about Serpentor. He did NOT ruin the series; he's a great part of it!

Skyfire (from Transformers): The things I hear about Skyfire most often are "he's dumb," and "he's a traitor." The first one is completely false; Skyfire is NOT dumb. Skyfire is assumed dumb because he's a big guy with a deep voice, but he is, in fact, a scientist. The "traitor" claim, I can understand, to a point. It is true Skyfire switches sides four times in the two episodes in which he actually had a starring role. It is true he got involved in the Autobot/Decepticon war for Starscream, and everything he's done since has been a reaction. But when someone cites this as a reason to hate Skyfire and then starts talking about how much they love Starscream/Octane/Astrotrain (all of whom did the same thing), I get a bit confused.

Dennis (from Clock Tower 3): This poor young man suffers from the toxic combination of being cheery/hyper and caring about his friends, which seems to be a surefire way to get yourself hated. He's also a rescuee. But in spite of that, he is a reliable person who's willing to put effort into his relationships, and for such a "wimp," he did end up saving Alyssa's life.
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