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In Support of Hated Characters

Because for every ten people who hate them, there's four who love them

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Hated Characters
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Have a favorite character who seems to be the bane of the fandom's existence? Feel out of place for liking said character? Sick of people bashing characters for idiotic reasons? Feel like if you read one more fic that bashes, mocks, or twists your favorite character into OOC piles of crap, you'll scream?

You're not alone.

This community is for anyone and everyone who's a fan of a much-hated character, and proud to be. This is a multi-fandom community-anime, TV, books, videogames, you name it!

This community can also be used to show support for characters who are simply mis-portrayed in fanfiction: Strong women being turned into maidens, nice guys being turned into jerks, men being turned into weeping ukes, girls being turned into screeching harpies, etc. Fanfiction, fanart and website links are not only welcome, but encouraged.


Basically, don't be an asshole. Don't start drama, don't barge in on people's defense posts to pick apart their arguments just because you hate a character, don't attack other members, don't pick fights, don't lecture people on why they're problematic *ists for defending someone. Just don't.

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